MythX Nexus: Partner directory and portal

To help manage our growing smart contract security ecosystem, and also bring awareness and benefits to MythX Partners, we have created the MythX Nexus Directory and Portal. It is free to become a MythX Partner, and developers and dev teams now have a single place to go to find the best MythX security integrations built and maintained by our partners.

The Nexus is the place to go to find information about the MythX Partner Program, find and download technical and marketing assets, manage your product information, create new relationships and more.

Partners can easily create and manage a living profile in the Nexus Directory which acts as an additional channel that brings awareness to their products, services, case studies, videos, links to GitHub repos and any other information they want to share with the world.

MythX also uses the Nexus for transparency and management of internal metrics, documents, partners, and processes and we strive to enable our ecosystem partners to realize the same value and benefits that we do. It is free to Join the MythX Nexus and Partner program and you can remove yourself at any time. MythX will also be using the Nexus to track our revenue share program with partners that build tools or provide services that drive traffic to MythX.

We hope to see you in the Nexus!
MythX Team